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A recent term that has been used to describe online slots, in an effort to differentiate our mechanical partners from the lighter than air Internet versions. Sim slots, short for simulation slots, is exactly what it sounds like, a simulation of the slot machine experience. I'm sure you've heard through the popular media a huge number of simulation style computer games, creating their own niche in the market. Sim-city, sim-world, sim-family, I don't even know all the names, but sim slots is just another member of the family.

Sim SlotSim SlotsSim-Slots

There may be instances where online, people separate sim slots from online slots by grouping all forms of online slot machine which attempts to realistically recreate the physical machine in front of you. This is a fine line of course, and the only difference that's obvious is the look and feel, the graphic artwork. On another level though it could be said that an online slot machine which is programmed to realistically pay back at standard Vegas levels, and hit combo's on the same basis as real machines, are truly the sim-slots of the world. It's quite easy to find horribly hacked older slot machine games on the net that bare little resemblance to the real thing.

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