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What, do I have this right?!? Are some casinos actually ripping the players off?!? NO! Who would stand for such an outrage! Oh, well none of us I'm sure, if we could prove it. In slots it seems a far stretch to say you're being ripped off. Guess what, you're too trusting. True, crooked machines may not be much of a worry in these modern times, but they are still out there, and you still have to be aware of your surroundings. The term one-armed bandit didn't come from no-where; it came from the crooked underbelly that ran the money movements in old Nevada. Originally, many machines had twenty symbols per reel, with only ten possible symbols capable of landing on the line. Many instances in days gone by would have you staring at your losing line, while a winning line lies just above the pay, making the player go OHH that was close. But the fact of the matter was, the winning symbols just above the pay line had zero chance of ever landing on the line. The trickery is that many more winning combinations appeared above or below the pay line than normal. A machine may have three bars on each wheel, which would normally mean a three bar jackpot combo could be attained in 27 ways. Throw in the idea that two of the three bars on each wheel can never stop on the win line, all of a sudden there is only one way the player can line up three bars on the pay line, and eight ways the fake bars can show near-hit combos above or below the pay line.

Some nefarious casino operators didn't like to give the player even one chance to hit the jackpot three bar combo, so they came up with 'the bug'. The bug is a small flat half circle of iron about an inch long, which looks a little like an insect. Screwed into a cog (which controls one of the three bars), when the wheels stop and the bugged bar was about to hit the pay line, the brake runs into the bug and prevents it from slipping into the opening of the cog. As such the bar comes to rest just above or below the pay line, if the third reel is bugged this can be an awfully anxious moment, as you very nearly hit the jackpot. So if you're playing a machine that has a habit of slipping down or jumping up past the pay line after the wheels have come to a stop, its definitely an indicator that you're playing a bugged machine.

So this isn't all too likely at an online casino you say? Alright, I'll give you that, I just wanted to impress upon you the previous existence of such villainous behavior, so that you wont be too trusting in the future. Like for instance, find out first if anyone's ever been paid at the casino you're about to sign up at? Yup, that's right, I'm blastin' you with logic again.

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